Olivier Dion “Si J’étais Son Soleil”

Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Pop
Years of experience: 2012-present

  Olivier Dion’s single “Si j’étais son soleil” (Translation: If I were her sunshine) is another song to be heard this summer.

  The song has a rhythm that flows similar to latin music., in my point of view.  I feel like dancing when I hear this song This is another song talks about love and the uncertainty people may feel about it, but with an upbeat music.

 The lyrics have metaphors that give the song depth and .The first example is the sun. The sun represents warmth, summer, and especially the beach. The second example is that of  flame and the spark. He talks about being her flame, her spark as a representation of how love can grow with a spark. Meaning, the spark is just the beginning of the fire.  In this case going up to the person is the first step to a potential love.  

 He talks about feeling insignificant and vulnerable in comparison to heroes, the kings, the gods and the sun even, just being human. This to his fear and uncertainty, which are common occurrences when being in love as well as prior to declaring one’s l to someone. The video demonstrates this quite well. He’s close to the woman at the bar, yet far away. However, the song, like in the video, shows the potential of asking that person out, through imagining him being with her.

Side note:

   This song brought him success in France, and he will be playing the main role of D’Artagnan in the musical comedy Les Trois Mousquetaires (The Three Musketeers). He has a new single called Je t’aime c’est tout, which relates to the play.

Olivier Dion has an album Olivier Dion, which came out in 2014. Available in stores and on iTunes.






Originally written July 1o, 2015


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