Maxime Malevé Singles 2015 Part 1

Artist: Maxime Malevé
Singles: Party Time & I Will Live For Two
Country: Belgium
Musical genre(s): Pop-Rock
Years of Experience: 2014-present

Brief Bio.:

Maxime Malevé tried his talent music with his band called Holy Street. With the experience he gained from the band, he auditions for season 3 of The Voice Belgique (The Voice Belgium).

He performed song Hometown Glory by Adele on The Voice Belgique where all four coaches turned around within seconds! He did not win this season but this competition brought him visibility. Since then, he performed at the Inc’Rock 2014 festival, and he was the opening act for Swiss singer Bastian Baker (1) at the Cirque Royal in Brussels, Belgium. More recently, Malevé collaborated with Simon Jaccard and Joris Amman, members of Bastian Baker’s band. With that  collaboration, they produced the single “Party Time”.

Double Review:

Party Time
The music is upbeat and gets you dancing. By the third verse, it slows downs briefly then back to a fast tempo. The composition is nicely structured, and the melody flows at a perfect speed. which remind me of the musical styles of U2 and Coldplay. He builds up to the chorus with anticipation.  The video compliments the song, especially the scenes with Maxime Malevé and his friends meet up at the beach prior to the party. When I hear this song, I think of the excitement of going to a party with friends to have fun, kick back and relax. The video does the same as well.

I Will Live For Two
This song is a beautiful ballad. It’s very touching and emotional. The song is quite a contrast to the fast beat of Party Time. His face is jazz-like and smooth. Maxime Malevé is a multi-faceted singer, which demonstrates an ability to try on different musical styles. The piano in the background compliments the song just right with Malevé’s voice . Towards the end, the piano concludes the ballad with one note, and it gives it that “je ne sais quoi” touch. The video is simple with a dark background, which gives it a minimalist look that doesn’t take away from the powerful lyrics of the song.

For both songs, he has a versatile voice that can adapt any musical style. I see potential for Maxime Malevé. Only time will tell what the album has in store for us. 🙂





Originally written: June 11, 2015

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