Jonny Zywiciel: Fresh Sound!

Country: USA
Genre (s): Pop/Soul/Rock
Years of experience: 2013-present

Bio: Jonny Zywiciel is an American singer and musician from San Francisco, California. He’s been playing guitar since the age of 13. His musical inspirations include artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jimmy Hendricks, Sam Smith, and John Mayer. Zywiciel got his first big break at the Bottom of the Hill Club in San Francisco.


His acoustic performances are amazing.  His voice is smooth and versatile.  The first song of his I heard of his was “Magnets”; I was quite impressed! With that voice, Jonny Zywiciel definitely has potential. His covers of songs by other artists are also worth watching such as Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. He incorporates his style to these songs.  I look forward to his first studio album.

I wish him the best of luck and plenty of success in his future. 🙂

There is album of two singles available on iTunes.  


I was looking at another singer’s Facebook page when I saw the comment made by Jonny Zywiciel’s Facebook page. After that I went to his Youtube channel and heard a couple. As I mentioned, I was impressed.



Originally written June 1, 2015


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