Celine Dion’s Latest Singles! Part 2: Encore Un Soir

Encore un Soir is her second single written by famous French singer Jean-Jacques Goldman. It’s released the same week  as The Show Must Go On. This song can have a variety of interpretations. The common one I’ve heard about is the sentiment felt after the passing of a loved one. There are the feelings of nostalgia, sadness, joy and many emotions at once. Encore un Soir is the song that seems cathartic.

When you feel like you can’t handle what life hands you, this song can feel “therapeutic” to listen to it . It reminds of Mariah Carey’s song My All in terms of the subject matter of wishing you could have more time with your significant other. Encore un Soir is a touching song. I love the slow start of the song before the tempo increases slightly. The change in tempo is nicely done, with a smoothness.

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