Amr Diab “Ahla wa Ahla”- Arabic Album of the Summer

Country: Egypt
Genre: Pop

Amr Diab released a new album entitled “Ahla wa Ahla” (Better and Better). This is the best album I’ve heard for Amr Diab yet.There’s a summer feel to it. The ballads are incredible and remind of the one on his album.  As a long-time Amr Diab fan, I’m always excited to hear  his latest album. This album in particular reminds me of previous albums such as Tamally Maak (Always with You) and Amarain (Two Moons). There’s a combination of the classic Arabic music with a modern style.

The music has the Arabic Pop music that I really enjoy as opposed to the “Dance Music” that is played in clubs in Montreal or New York. The style of the music in this album is more my style. His music is still amazing to listen to. Amr Diab’s latest album has a summer feel to it. Hello warm weather! Some of his songs also make you get up and dance: Rasmaha, Ahla wa Ahla

Like most of his albums his songs either romantic or about heartbreak. He sings with such poetry in his voice,even in his songs about heartbreak. This album really has the distinct style that Amr Diab is known for.

The part I like the most from this album are the romantic songs in Arabic singers’ album. Amr Diab’s romantic songs are the following: Maak Alby, Rasmaha, Ahla wa Ahla, Waadtak, Aks Baad, Habibty, La La,Omrena Ma Hanergea.  Some people might think it’s cheesy, I think it’s fun and you daydream about finding love or your significant other, if you’re already in a relationship. 🙂

Amr Diab’s songs of heartbreak are the following:  Amentak, Aks Baad, Ragea, Ana Wa Enta, Ala Hobak. The heartbreak is felt in these songs. Getting over someone is not easy. These songs can help the listener not feel alone in a time of heartbreak, in my opinion.

My favourite songs on this album are Maak Alby, Rasmaha, Ahla wa Ahla, Waadtak, Habibty, Ana W Enta, and Amentak.

PS: I’ll find the translation for the title of the songs soon. 🙂



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