30th Anniversary of the Release of the Movie Labyrinth

Credit: Ingrid Richter Flickr http://www.ingridrichter.org/cheese/labyrinth.html




Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the film Labyrinth starring Jennifer Connelly and the late David Bowie. The story is about Sarah (Connelly), a sixteen-year-old girl whose baby brother Toby is taken by the Jareth the Goblin King (Bowie) after following the reading of a spell. She has to travel through a labyrinth to save her brother from becoming a goblin, but it won’t be easy. She will face obstacles, but she will have friends to help her achieve her goal of saving her baby brother Toby.

Credit: Ingrid Richter Flickr http://www.ingridrichter.org/cheese/labyrinth.html

I saw this movie the weekend following the passing of David Bowie last January. I saw the version in French. I liked the movie and found it quite entertaining. I heard it wasn’t successful in the box-office, but it had its fans, and still does today! The special effects in that movie were fun. Despite some mistakes in the movie (i.e. the cord that supports Jennifer Connelly in the movie could be notice, but very few would have noticed), it’s still a well done movie overall. The best part, in terms of special effects, was the sequence where Bowie sang Within You (the video is below). He goes through Jennifer Connelly. It’s pretty cool. Those were the early days of CGI. Those short musical segments work quite well as if they were music videos. 🙂

The music in the movie is an important component to the movie. The songs David Bowie sings demonstrate what’s between the lines of the story.  Let’s not forget the importance the score has in the movie. It contributes to the overall feel of story. The musical songs, compose by Trevor Jones, also contribute the movie (read the article 30th Anniversary: Labyrinth Soundtrack for more details).

The sequences I enjoyed the most were the Magic Dance and As the World Falls Down.  David Bowie’s musical performances are well done.   Chilly Down sequence is strange but has its purpose in the movie. The choreography in every musical sequence is incredible.

Clip of Chilly Down songCredit: Ingrid Richter Flickr http://www.ingridrichter.org/cheese/labyrinth.html

I enjoyed the movie Labyrinth and the musical segments. It’s whimsical and entertaining, as well as artistic. David Bowie’s performance was incredible. The role suited David Bowie perfect, as if it were “tailor-made”.  

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