Flashback Fridays! Bastian Baker’s Album Too Old to Die Young Available in Canada.

I am so happy to announce that Bastian Baker’s album Too Old to Die Young is finally available in Canada! 🙂 At least on iTunes. As for the CD form, I don’t know the details.I heard the album many times, just as much as Facing Canyons! His music is incredible.

This album to me is the transition to his third album Facing Canyons. It has a bit of a folk beat to it as well as pop and rock. Too Old to Die Young is a more upbeat compared to his film album Tomorrow May Not Be Better. He’s also experimenting with different beats. I also notice how his voice changes slightly. This album is a transition to Facing Canyons with regards the folk beat that is present in some of the songs.

Bastian Baker has a storytelling component to his album. He also has a romantic part too. After all, what’s a Bastian Baker album without some love songs? 😉 There’s also some about heartbreak. His songs about love or heartbreak are the following: 79 Clinton Street, Leaving Tomorrow, You’re the One, Earrings on the Table, Song for EV, Give Me Your Heart, I Won’t Cry and Come Home. They all tell separate stories, yet they compliment one another. Impressive!

The songs that tell stories are the follow 79 Clinton Street, Dirty Thirty, Kids off the Street, and Never in Your Town. 79 Clinton Street is an interesting story about a guy’s experience in New York. It’s also an example of experimental music, which I’ll talk about in more detail further day.Dirty Thirty tells the story of a young couple whose marriage is falling apart and the impact it has on their kid. The video compliments it quite well. The focus is on the kids, instead of Bastian Baker. Kids of the Street is powerful because it talks about a universal problem of kids in the street and some are at risk of living a life of problems (i.e. crime). Never in Your Town is a song that I’m not certain what it’s about. If anyone can explain it to me, that would help please.

His experimental song are the following: 79 Clinton Street & Prime. Those songs have a beat that is not limited to pop or folk. Those show how Bastian Baker has this incredible ability to mix different genres of music. 🙂

The funnest part of an album are bonus tracks, which are the following: One Last Time (acoustic version), I Won’t Cry, Come Home.  I love hearing the extra material of an album.

Lastly, the two versions of One Last Time are both amazing. The music for each one seems change our perception of those songs. The studio version, there is a deeper sense of loneliness and heartbreak. The acoustic version is more sensual. Also he seems to reminisce about a past relationship through a flashback. There’s still a sense of heartbreak. He sings the lyrics more slowly, which allows the listener to really hear the words. The way he ends a song with a whisper gave me chills.

My favourite songs are: Leaving Tomorrow, You’re the One, Follow the Wind, Come Home, and One Last Time (both studio and acoustic versions).





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