Hommage to Roger Tabra (1949-2016)

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Credit: Screen shot of a Youtube video uploaded by Lyne Archambault

Songwriter and poet Roger Tabra passed away March 11, 2016 from an illness that he was fighting since a long time. He was especially known for writing songs for Francophone artists like Wilfred Le Bouthillier, Eric Lapointe,  Laurence Jalbert, and Vincenzo Thomas.

I admit I don’t know a lot about Roger Tabra, but I do know some of the songs he had written.  A song that comes to mind is “Tous Ces Mots”, a version performed by Acadian singer  Wilfred Le Bouthillier. It’s a deep, but very sad song.  It talks  about the words that hurt in a relationship that is failing. We don’t know which specific words, but it’s not necessary as it is implied in the song.

His poetry was often sad, but had deep meaning. However, there is a more hopeful song by Laurence Jalbert called “J’espère” (I hope). It is such a beautiful song.

He will  be missed.

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