Ian Kelly “SuperFolk”- Serene Music

guitar-76458_640Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Folk
Years of experience: since 2005

Review:  Ian Kelly’s SuperFolk album is artistic, poetic and romantic. Folk music at its best. The bilingual aspect gives this album a Canadian twist. Some of the songs are in French, while the rest is in English. His voice is incredible,serene  and soulful. Folk music is not a genre of music I listen to often, but this album has songs with well-written lyrics that are deep and rich with poetry.

My  top favourite songs are Montreal, I Love You More, and California.  Montreal, is one of the songs that’s in French. I really enjoy this song being a Montrealer myself. You can sense his love for his native city of Montreal. “I love you More” is romantic. I really love the melody to this song, which is rhythmic. “California” is also a fun song and makes me think of the beach, especially when the end of winter is nearby. The music is amazing with the sound of guitar and harmonica.

SuperFolk album has this “road trip” feeling to it. I feel like it’s also a vacation for the mind. It allows you to  forget your problems and just take a moment to appreciate the small things in life.  

If you are a fan of Ian Kelly or you like Folk music, SuperFolk is the album for you.




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