First Single Fridays: Oxy – Fuel

French artist Oxy released his first single entitled Fuel. It’s a dance song that has a Summer vibe.

The music is Electronica. It has a catchy beat suitable for various party and dance settings. The composition is incredibly intricate. There’s a nostalgic vibe that parallels the dance/electronic music from the late 90s/2000s. Also, some parts have a Disco-like sound that gives a sense of nostalgia. The piano and synthesizer add a dynamic touch – building suspense. The excitement is palpable. Oxy did an excellent job of blending different tempos. The transition of rhythm was smooth and well-thought-out. The Electronica music of this single is calming to the mind, yet there’s a fast-paced beat, which is a perfect balance- it’s immersive. There’s a lovely poetic feeling in this musical piece. 

It’s a fantastic first single!

The single Fuel is available.

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