Single Saturdays: William Toll – Great White Pine

American singer William Toll released a new single entitled Great White Pine. The song is about relaxing, seeking refuge outdoors, and the nostalgic feeling.

The music is Folk. It starts with the guitar, which creates a cozy feeling. The rhythm is consistent, giving it a relaxing melody initially. It then changes smoothly into a faster beat, which feels like hope and joy. The tune has a lovely chalet vibe. The song has a 90s vibe that parallels Green Day’s 1997 single Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), except with a faster and more upbeat. The sound has a nostalgic touch, representing the memories of being in nature. The composition has a fantastic structure to express the various emotions of the tune perfectly. 

William Toll’s voice is soft and husky. He sings about going back to nature and centring oneself soulfully. His vocal style, with a contemporary component, reminds me of David Usher and John Lennon. He captures the nostalgic sentiment in the manner of his voice.  

The lyrics are heartwarming and poetic. The song is a metaphor for returning to the basics or recharging. It represents the clearing of the mind. The words are rich in language, with remarkable depth. John Glover and William Toll wrote the lyrics with heart and soul. It also celebrates the importance of nature and being down to earth. The tune describes missing the wilderness as an idea to escape the fast pace of day-to-day life. The lyrics have a beautiful richness that describes returning to basics (nature) as a way to recharge physically and mentally. The words flow naturally and smoothly.

The single Great White Pine is available.

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