Grande Ourse – An Incredible Collaboration of Country Music

Canadian and Quebecois artists released a collaborative album entitled Grande Ourse. It consists of a group of seven remarkable singers: Brittany Kennell, Francis Degrandpré, Vince Lemire, Phil G. Smith, Andie Therio, Fred Dionne and Guillaume Lafond. The themes are love, life and party.

The music is Country. It has a fantastic combination of old-fashioned Country with new Country sounds. There’s a 70s vibe. The album has dynamic compositions. There’s an incredible guitar playing throughout the record. The vibe is cozy and personal.

   The album has fantastic, fast-paced songs. Au Nord Bar has a catchy beat that gives the album a perfect introduction. It parallels Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks. Solo Cup starts with a slow rhythm, then boldly transitions to an upbeat sound representing the joy of moving on and living life again. Homerun (feat. Brittany Kennell) has a bold, fast beat, representing the determination to pursue one’s dreams. Donner Un Show has a fun concert vibe with incredible musicians who perform remarkably.

      The record also has incredible songs that combine fast and slow rhythms in a well-structured fashion. Toutes Les Raisons Sont Bonnes has a mix of fast and slow beats in perfect balance, representing adventure. Un problème à la fois has a remarkable composition that balances the fast and slow rhythms, expressing sadness, then moments of hope of things getting better. Direction vers la mer has fast and slow beats that complement the waves of the sea/ocean.

    The slow songs are beautifully composed with precision. Comme Des Enfants has a beautiful piano beat combined with some guitar. The music has a cozy vibe. Rhum Coconut has a lovely guitar sound mixed with some drums, giving it a romantic vibe. The song À quel point has a heavy, slow rhythm that suitably expresses the heartbreak felt by the end of a relationship.

The musicians, crew and production team did an excellent job. Étienne Joly did remarkable work with the musical arrangements and as a producer. He also did great work playing the guitar, lap steel, and banjo. He was in charge of back vocals, adding a nice touch. Hugo Perreault, from Studio Grosse Roche, worked incredibly on the sound. The other musicians were also fantastic: David Larocque (drums), Daniel Moranville (Bass), Tommy Gauthier (violin), Philippe Turcotte (Keyboard), and Francis G. Veillette (Steel). The company Lab Mastering did a remarkable job with mastering. Great work to Disques Far West for the album’s production!

The music is impressive, rich and diverse in musical styles.

Brittany Kennell, Francis Degrandpré, Vince Lemire, Phil G. Smith, Andie Therio, Fred Dionne and Guillaume Lafond make a talented group of artists. There are beautiful, heartfelt and fantastic duets, such as the piece Homerun (feat. Brittany Kennell). There’s a lovely blend of vocal styles (i.e. a combination of husky and soft)

The lyrics are rich and deep. The album has a beautiful storytelling component. The words are soulful and from the heart, with well-written content.

     The first theme of the album is living life (moving on and having fun). Au Nord Bar is a fun introduction to the album. It also describes going to a local bar with friends and having fun. Toutes Les Raisons Sont Bonnes is a fun, dynamic song about hanging out with friends and significant others, enjoying each other’s company. Solo Cup has a beautiful sense of hope that celebrates time with the girls and enjoying the single life. Rhum Coconut is a sweet, romantic song honouring the woman with whom the man falls in love. Direction vers la mer represents the lovely idea of getting away from it all by spending the day at the seaside. The road trip adventure is a timeless topic. Homerun is a fantastic story about following one’s dreams, told with heart, soul and passion. Donner Un Show describes the concert life in great detail. The happy moments get a lovely homage.

     The second theme of the album is about the struggles one faces in life, such as heartbreak. Un problème à la fois tells a touching story about life’s struggles but finding hope and joy that everything will be okay. Comme Des Enfants is a heartfelt song describing the challenges couples may face in their relationships. À quel point is another tune about heartbreak and relationship struggles. It explains in detail how these things don’t always work out. The raw emotions are profound. These pieces have a beautiful vulnerability.

The songs have poetic lyrics with richness and depth.

The album Grande Ourse is available.

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