Lorde Royals – 10th Anniversary

June 3, 2023, marks the 10th anniversary of Lorde’s single Royals. A song that was popular in 2013.

The music is Alternative, mixed with other genres. The composition is intricate and bold. The thumbs snapping in the background add a jazz-like touch. The mix of gradual and wavy rhythms is impressive. It gives a song an exciting dynamic. The verses have a semi-fast beat, which slows down during the bridge to pick up a fast pace during the chorus. The transition is smooth in terms of the change in tempos. The song’s beat is catchy, even ten years later. Joel Little did a fantastic as the producer of the single. I enjoyed hearing it back in 2013 and still do a decade later. It’s a piece that has an unforgettable sound. 

Lorde’s voice is rhythmic. She has a husky style of singing. There’s an incredible confidence in her voice. She sings with wit and style.

Lorde and Joel Little wrote Royals with fantastic depth and incredible imagination. The combination of classic-style poetry and freestyle is remarkably well-thought-out. The lyrics are poetic and unique. The words describe not caring about royals and living as one sees fit. There’s a bold rebelliousness. The flow of the song is fantastic. The sense of freedom has a presence throughout the lyrics. The song is well-written with a read-between-the-lines vibe. It represents not caring about the lavish lifestyle – simplicity suits the subject. 

Happy 10th anniversary to Lorde’s single Royals!

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