Single Saturdays: Tenille Townes & Bryan Adams – The Thing That Wrecks You

Canadian artists Tenille Townes and Bryan Adams released a new single,  The Thing That Wrecks You. The song is about how love can feel complicated yet beautiful.

The music is Country and Pop. The song is a beautiful ballad with a catchy beat. The rhythm is wavy with a dynamic structure. It parallels the music of The Police’s 80s hit Every Breath You Take, with a Country twist. There are parts that a bold Rock beat. The guitar in the background adds a lovely touch. The composition is incredible – an impressive blend of musical styles: Country, Rock and Pop. The tempo changes reflect the mixed emotions and the roller-coaster feeling regarding love -bold transitions.  

Tenille Townes and Bryan Adams’ voices are incredible together, complementing one another. They make a great duet. Their vocal styles are impressive.

The lyrics are deep and dynamic. Daniel Tashan, Kate York, and Tenille Nicole Nadkrynechny did an excellent job writing the words describing the struggles of love and heartbreak when trying to save a relationship- mixed feelings. It’s a touching metaphor for accepting things the way they are, like a one-way street (mentioned in the song). The tune expresses a heartfelt vulnerability. The words are well-written. The complexity of describing love in the song has an impressive intricacy.

The single The Thing That Wrecks You is available.

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