First EP Fridays: Silka Weil’s Eponym EP

Canadian singer Silka Weil released her Eponym EP, her first one. The themes are love/heartbreak and soul-searching.

The music is Pop. The four ballads have intricate compositions. The guitar adds a dynamic touch throughout the EP. Jean-Sébastien Brault-Labbé did an excellent job producing the record. The EP has an interesting 90s vibe. The music is edgy and rhythmic. 
    Capsized starts with the slow-paced sound of the guitar, similar to Faith by George Michael. There are impressive changes in tempos, such as going from the verse to the chorus. The synthesizer sound reminds me of a few 90s hits: Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve and Tainted Love by Soft Cell. It has a bold combination of Pop and Grunge.
   Unsatisfied is a fantastic track that combines the musical styles of various times: 70s Rock, 90s Grunge and 2000s-style Rock and Pop. The rhythm is similar to The Eagles’ 70s hit  Hotel California. It also has a Depeche Mode vibe. The song has dynamic music with a great beat.
    The song Time has an incredible gradient style in the shifts of tempo. It parallels The Cranberries’ single Linger and Dreams (with a slower beat). The tune also parallels Alanis Morissette’s 90’s hit Thank U. The composition is vibrant. 
  Be There has a beautiful slow guitar introduction, then it goes up slightly in tempo to represent intensity. The fast pace of the guitar is incredible during the chorus. The song parallels Jennifer Page’s 90’s single Crush and Alanis Morissette’s hit Ironic, with a slower time. The ending reminds me of Sinéad O’Connor’s single Nothing Compares 2 U and Cranberries’ single Dreams. It has a fantastic mix of Pop and Folk. 
    The EP has incredible blends of musical styles, rich and diverse. The songs have music that reflects various emotions. 

Silka Weil’s voice is rich and expressive. She sings with great passion and incredible depth. She performs each song with heart and soul. 

The lyrics have incredible depth, giving them a touching vulnerability. The four songs have raw emotions. Each tune has great freestyle poetic writing. 
    Capsized is a fantastic song that impressively covers the subject of a passionate relationship that is addictive and possibly toxic. It includes the fascination with the forbidden. The tune reminds me of the attraction to bad boys that some find intriguing. It also describes the conflict of emotions, especially wondering if it’s right or wrong.
     Unsatisfied is another piece that covers the conflict of emotions regarding relationships and when they start falling apart. The words are expressive and profound. The contradiction is relatable.
   The song Time is a profound piece, full of sentiment. It describes relationship struggles many couples face after a while. The heartache is relatable and genuine.  
   Be There is a remarkable and soulful song. It’s about loving someone for who they are, flaws and all – going through thick and thin with the partner. There’s a lovely sense of hope.
    Each song has great lyrics that are rich and profound in emotions and meaning.  

The EP Silka Weil is available.

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