Single Saturdays: Mira Stroika – Walk Thru Fire

American singer Mira Stroika released a new single, Walk Thru Fire. The song is about a personal journey- from an internal emotional struggle to a rebirth of the self.

The music is Adult Alternative. Mira Stroika plays the piano beautifully. She was also in charge of production and string arrangement. The rhythm is smooth and consistent with bold intensity. Clockwork Sessions did remarkable work with the string performance. Recording engineer Jeff Cook did an amazing with recording, along with the mixing by Chris Elms. Bob Ludwig was in charge of mastering the song, which he did perfectly. The tune has a fantastic composition. It parallels Rachel Platten’s single Fight Song in a slower version with intensity. The song also reminds me of Evanescence’s ballad. Some musical parts resemble famous singles by Celine Dion, including My Heart Will Go On and There Comes A TimeThe tune ends with a beautiful piano solo. The song has an intricate, rich sound in an impressive composition.

Mira Stroika’s voice is husky and powerful. She sings with great passion. She performs this single with remarkable confidence and hope. Mira Stroika has a dynamic sound to her voice.

The lyrics are empowering, with a sense of determination. The song expresses an inner struggle poetically. It’s a heartfelt metaphor with an inspirational message about never giving up no matter what life throws. The title Walk Thru Fire is a powerful symbol of courage and strength to take on obstacles no matter how challenging. There’s also a sense of hope – a light at the end of the tunnel. The tune goes from feeling heartbreak to a sense of hope. It reminds me of a phoenix rising from the ashes – a rebirth of oneself. Mira Stroika wrote the song with incredible depth and linguistic richness.  

The single Walk Thru Fire is available. 

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