Ingrid St-Pierre’s Instrumental Album Ludmilla

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Ingrid St-Pierre released an album, Ludmilla. The themes are film music, childhood, heartbreak and nostalgia. 

The music is a lovely combination of Classic and Pop. The album consists of instrumental songs that reflect Ingrid St-Pierre’s personal life and childhood memories. Each tune describes a variety of emotions, including joy and sadness. The musicians play remarkably throughout the record. 

The album has beautiful, joyful, sweet and relaxing songs, including Ludmilla and Hát ru cho Namiko ngủ. These pieces have music that reflects happy moments in Ingrid St-Pierre’s life. There’s a personal element in each one of them. Ludmilla has a beautiful ballet music-style sound. It reminded me of when I took ballet lessons when I was little. Petite Chorale (small choir) has incredible choir-style music that gives a feeling of unity. It reminds me of the various meditation albums I have heard. The piece Les émerveilleurs (the wonderers) has a film score vibe that works nicely for that good-mood feeling. The piano has an incredible rhythm. The flue near the song’s end adds a lovely whimsical touch. The song Les matins enluminés  (bright mornings) has a relaxing, slow piano beat that inspires one to smile. Hát ru cho Namiko ngủ felt cozy and intimate as Ingrid St-Pierre’s Vietnamese mother-in-law sings to her daughter Namiko. It honours the Vietnamese culture beautifully. Je te Collectionne (I collect you) is another tune that feels homey and cozy. It has a nostalgic feeling, inspiring one to appreciate life’s blessings. Hearing the voice of Ingrid St-Pierre’s daughter feels intimate and sweet. The song Petits Fruits (little fruits) has a childlike and fantasy vibe that is joyful and full of hope. 

The record has deep musical pieces like Dire Au Revoir that evoke introspection and meditation. Cténophore (comb jellies – a sort of jelly fish) has a bold and slightly intense sound. The consistently slow beat with little ups and downs adds to the intensity and the feeling of obscurity. It feels like the moment before one takes a leap of faith into the unknown. Dire Au Revoir (saying goodbye) is a bittersweet or happy song, depending on how one interprets it. The first possibility is saying goodbye to someone embarking on life’s journey – the next chapter or milestone. Another possibility is someone going through a challenging time in life, and people gather together in solidarity to comfort one another. Les Grands Ciels (the big skies) has a deep sound that complements the idea of self-reflecting and introspection. It has a beautiful meditation and calming beat. The subtle singing in the background is incredible- Ingrid St-Pierre did a remarkable job. These profound songs are lovely in composition and rhythm. 

Ludmilla has incredibly dynamic music that expresses an array of emotions and memories – a nostalgic feeling.

The album Ludmilla is available.

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