Day 5: Single Saturdays Celeigh Cardinal – Christmas Letter to My Friends

Canadian singer Celeigh Cardinal has released a new Christmas single entitled Christmas Letter to My Friends. It’s about keeping in touch with family and friends and remembering those who passed on. Celeigh Cardinal and Brennan Cameron wrote and produced the song.

The music is Holiday and Jazz. The ballad is calming and rhythmic. The song, engineered and mixed by Scott Franchuk at Riverdale Recorders, has a tremendous musical structure. The musicians did remarkable work: Brennan Cameron (Piano), Keith Rempel (Bass), JJ Miller (Drums) and Drew Jurecka (Strings). The Jazz sound parallels Norah Jones and the classics of the 40s – an excellent balance of old-fashioned Jazz beats and contemporary music. The composition has a beautiful rhythm and is well-structured.

Celeigh Cardinal’s voice is soft, soulful and deep. She has a richness in her singing that parallels Norah Jones’s style. She sings with grace and elegance. 

The lyrics are heartwarming and nostalgic. The song describes writing a letter or letters to friends at Christmas (in this case, cards). Writing a letter may seem rare or outdated, but it’s personal and from the heart. The gesture is thoughtful and sweet. The poetry of the tune is touching, with the combination rhyming structure of ABAB and freestyle writing. The song inspires hope of keeping in touch with friends or resuming contact with those near us. The words are profound and full of love.

The single Christmas Letter to My Friends is available.

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