Ludovick Bourgeois’s Third Album Rêveur

Canadian and Quebecois singer Ludovick Bourgeois has released his third album, Rêveur (dreamer). The themes are love, life, personal growth, and family.

The music is French Pop combined with Folk. The album has a modern sound but also beats that parallel music by the Quebec band Les B.B. The guitar is incredible to hear throughout the record. 

     The album has seven songs with upbeat rhythms and sounds. Dans tes mains (in your arms), Naufrage (sinking), Promets Toujours (always promise), Rien que nous (nothing but us), and Ton nom (your name) have joyful beats to reflect love and romance. Each has a musical pace that differs from one another, but all represent. Faire Semblant has a bold, lively sound that defines a confident person being authentic to themselves. The piece Rêveurs has a fantastic-style techno beat that works well with the dream-like vibe. 

The record has some great ballads, rich in musical rhythms. The song Ma nuit (my night) is mainly a ballad with some fast-paced moments that represent the mixed emotions of heartbreak and finally moving on from the heartaches of social media. It has an intensity that parallels the feeling of anxiety. Où tu es (where are you) has a lovely guitar beat that goes from slow to fast and vice-versa in a perfectly structured composition. It describes the different stages of grief regarding the loss of a loved one. The rhythm is impressive, complementing the story nicely. The tune J’étais où (where was I) has an intensity that reflects feeling lost and confused during challenging times. Je fais partie de ce monde has a slow guitar that parallels acoustic styles, as if in a cozy setting, such as sitting by a fire. Pour Elle (for her) has a sweet, calming sound that complements the story of a guy honouring his daughter.

    The music is impressively diverse in styles. The compositions are phenomenal and dynamic.

Ludovick Bourgeois’s voice is soft and rhythmic. He sings from the heart, especially the songs Où tu es and Pour Elle. He knows how to perform in tune with the mood of each piece. He has a passion in his voice that is bold.

The lyrics are diverse in subject, including romantic. There’s rich poetry throughout the album to express various emotions, from love to heartbreak to confidence and everything in between.

      The album has some romantic songs that express deep love. Dans Tes Mains is a romantic tune of everlasting love- it’s a beautiful piece. Naufrage is a bold, passionate song about the lengths ones goes through for love. The determination and perseverance to keep the love relationship are palpable and genuine. Promets Toujours is a sweet tune about living life to the fullest of every day, especially after a child is born. Rien que nous is a heartfelt tune about the future of a young couple. It’s also about being there for one anotherTon nom is a sweet winter-to-spring metaphor about renewed love- cute and heartwarming after challenging times. There’s a sense of hope.

    There are two songs about personal growth and overcoming fear and doubtFaire semblant (pretending) is a tune about true to who one is. There’s a clear message about authenticity and honesty. Rêveurs is about the journey of life, about following one’s dreams. Où tu es (where are you) is a touching song, a lovely tribute to Ludovick Bourgeois’s late father, Patrick Bourgeois. It’s a deeply personal story and full of raw emotions. 

J’étais où is a vulnerable piece about someone whose friend is struggling and feeling helpless. Je fais partie de ce monde is about the struggles of challenging times, mental illness (according to sources) and feeling lost in a spiral. The album ends on a heartwarming note with Pour Elle, the sweetest song. It’s an homage to Ludovick Bourgeois’s daughter.

    Ma nuit is a sad song about someone falling in love with an illusion of who a person on social media is. It’s a piece relevant to the current issues around social media.

   These songs have heart and soul, with incredible beauty. The words are poetic and rich in language and imagination.

The album Rêveur is available.

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