Single Saturdays: Sally Folk – Heureux Infidèles

Canadian singer Sally Folk has released a new single entitled Heureux Infidèles (Happy cheaters). The song is a paradoxical piece about two people cheating on their respective partners.

The music is French Pop with some Country. There’s a 70s psychedelic vibe that is edgy. The whistling in the background adds an interesting effect of suspense, which sets the mood for the song. The beat is catchy. It starts with a guitar sound that reminds me of the Eagles Hotel California and the whistling in Scorpions’ hit Wind of change. Then, the tempo has a slow rhythm that is intense and sad. It increases when it’s between the verses, through the saxophone. The accordion in the background is a nice touch. It also reminds me of the music heard in The Godfather films. The composition is incredibly intricate and dynamic. The music is phenomenal in this single.

Sally Folk’s voice is bold and rhythmic. She has a consistent tone in her voice that represents the song’s story. She has style and swag in her singing.

The lyrics are catchy but express a certain sadness and guilt through the thrill of cheating. The title is an interesting oxymoron. The freestyle writing works with the song’s story, and the chaos describes through layers of profound meaning. Some may say there’s no peace of mind because of the double lived by the two parties. The words are well-written and descriptive. The song is unique in its subject matter in covering the topic of infidelity.

The new version of the single Heureux Infidèles is available.


I don’t condone cheating in a relationship. I’m simply reviewing the song and trying to analyze the meaning and the music.

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