Single Saturdays: Oscars 2022 Edition

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It’s that time of year again! The Oscars are here! It’s the movie event I enjoy watching annually. I also loved hearing about the nominees for Best Original Song. Here are short reviews of each one of them. It was a pleasure to listen to all of them.

Best Original Song Nominees

*No Time to Die
Movie: No Time to Die
Performed by Billie Eilish
Music and Lyrics by Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell

The song complements the movie’s story and gives an idea of what to expect. The lyrics are poetic, profound, and full of heart and emotion. The music is bold and edgy with a superb composition with a great rhythm. Billie Eilish has a fantastic voice with an impressive vocal range. She follows the music perfectly, hitting the low and the high notes at the right moments. 

*Dos Oruguitas
Movie: Encanto
Performed by Sebastián Yatra
Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda

The music is incredibly catchy. The composition is impressive and soulful. Although I don’t speak Spanish, the lyrics sound rich and poetic. However, there’s an English version (Two Oruguitas)which is fantastic. The words are beautiful and profound. Sebastián Yatra’s voice is deep and rhythmic- he sings in a soulful way. The song flows smoothly – having an incredible beat and great sounds. 

*Down to Joy
Movie: Belfast
Performed by Van Morrison
Music and Lyrics by Van Morrison

The music of the song Down to Joy has joyful sounds and rhythm. The guitar is fantastic in this piece. It has a lovely Country vibe that reminds me of classical Country music. The tone is upbeat but in a gentle way, which is impressive, and Van Morrison pulled it off well. The lyrics are hopeful and enthusiastic. Van Morrison’s is bold and husky, having an old-school sound. He sings with joy, heart and enthusiasm, which complements the song’s title nicely. It’s a beautiful and happy song.

*Somehow You Do
Movie: Four Good Days
Performed by Reba McEntire
Music and Lyrics by Diane Warren

The music is impressive, with an Old-school Country vibe. The song Somehow You Do is hopeful and about having faith that everything will be okay. The lyrics are poetic and profound, rich in language and feeling. Diane Warren did an incredible job describing the mixed emotions when one deals with challenging times to shift into faith and hope. McEntire’s voice is deep and soulful. She sings with beautiful grace.

*Be Alive
Movie: King Richard
Performed by Beyoncé
Music and Lyrics by DIXSON & Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

The song Be Alive has a bold sound and incredible music. The composition is fantastic, with a lovely richness. The lyrics are well-written and poetic. They express a beautiful sense of hope, solidarity, and determination- it works well with the movie’s story. Beyoncé’s voice is remarkable. She has an impressive vocal range, transitioning from soft to passionate and powerful. She captures the sense of hope and determination. She sings with great soul and passion.

I look forward to watching the musical performances of the nominated songs at the 94th Academy Awards. What a pleasure listening to each one of these pieces.

The 94th Academy Awards will air on March 27 at 8 pm EST- the red carpet airs at 6:30 pm EST. 

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