Day 9: Rob Thomas – Something About Christmas Time

American singer and Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas has a new Christmas album entitled Something About Christmas Time. The themes are celebrations and love.

The music is Pop/Rock. The instruments, including the guitar and the piano, are fantastic. The covers on the album have a bold edge, with a Rock beat to them. The six original songs have impressive and dynamic compositions. 
The record has upbeat music; here are a few examples. Save Some Christmas has a lovely wavy rhythm that gives the sense of hope after the slow beat. Small Town Christmas has a cheerful rhythm representing the joy and nostalgia of celebrating Christmas. Santa Don’t Come Here Anymore (Feat. Brad Paisley) has a very Country beat with an upbeat sound, making this piece entertaining and adding to the song’s humour.
The album’s ballads are beautiful and smooth. The Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas (Samy’s Song) has an incredible piano sound that’s slow and intense to reflect the sadness of missing a loved one or significant other. The music sounds like a heart beating fast, demonstrating that sad feeling. New Year’s Day is has a smooth rhythm that’s comforting. A New York Christmas ’21 starts with lovely and slow piano music, and then it goes up in tempo smoothly. It then ends with a nice fade-out.  
The music on this album is incredible, intricate and dynamic in musical styles and rhythms.

Rob Thomas’s is husky, rich, and impressive. He sings with depth and a fantastic vocal range. 
The album has incredible duets: Ingrid Michaelson (Christmas Time), BeBe Winans (That Spirit of Christmas), Brad Paisley (Santa Don’t Come Here Anymore), and Abby Anderson (I Believe In Santa Claus).

    Rob Thomas and Ingrid Michaelson sing in harmony with their duet Christmas Time. Their voices compliment each other nicely. The second duet is BeBe Winans with the piece That Spirit of Christmas. An incredibly dynamic duo of vocals works beautifully – Rob Thomas and BeBe Winans’s musical styles blend in a perfect hybrid. Santa Don’t Come Here Anymore with Brad Paisley is a fantastic duet full of humour and joy. The tune I Believe In Santa Claus (a duet with Abby Anderson) is a touching and heartwarming performance. 
The performances, both solo and the duets, are impressive and from the heart.

The album has six original songs, all of which are well-written.
The sad original piece is Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas (Samy’s Song).  The tune Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas (Samy’s Song) is a heartfelt piece of missing a significant other or loved one and how Christmas isn’t the same without them.

The happier songs are Save Some Christmas, Small Town ChristmasNew Year’s DaySanta Don’t Come Here Anymore (Ft. Brad Paisley), and A New York Christmas ’21. The song Save Some Christmas is sweet and romantic. It tells the beautiful story of someone missing their significant other and looking forward to seeing them soon.   Small Town Christmas is a touching and nostalgic song about memories of celebrating the holiday in a small town. It reminds me of some of the Christmas movies I’ve seen over the years. New Year’s Day is a hopeful and romantic song about looking forward to the future. It’s an inspiration, especially during the challenging and trying times. 

Santa Don’t Come Here Anymore (Ft. Brad Paisley) is a humorous song because many people from a small town ended up on the naughty list.  A New York Christmas ’21 is a nice homage to spending the holidays in New York City, heartwarming and full of sweet nostalgia. It also encourages love and compassion, especially during the trying times in which we find ourselves.
The songs are well-written and beautifully poetic.

The album Something About Christmas Time is available.


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