Single Saturdays: Ty Hannah – 9 to 5

American singer Ty Hannah has a single entitled 9 to 5. The song is about working on the day-to-day, including the struggles to make ends meet. 

The music is RAP/R&B. The song has a catchy sound with a fast-paced beat. It starts with some intensity to reflect the struggles during everyday life, and then it goes to a slightly more upbeat sound representing determination and perseverance. It’s rhythmic and bold, and the combination of the two kinds of rhythm is dynamic and edgy. The label The Hitkingz produced the single and did a fantastic job. The RAP music reminds me of the classic RAP of the 90s, but with a contemporary twist. The composition is well-structured, full of intricacy and style. The music is impressive, rich in sounds and tone. 

Ty Hannah’s voice is rhythmic and expressive. He sings with heart and passion about a subject that’s close to him. It’s impressive to hear him sing both vocals and background vocals. He performs this song with understanding and empathy.

The lyrics are relevant and relatable. The song, written by Ty Hannah, is profound and powerful, and it describes the struggles that people, in this case, living in the projects face in day-to-day life. The story talks about hardship, but there’s also motivation for perseverance and determination to work hard. The tune is well-written and inspires one never to give up no matter what life throws at us. The emotions are raw and genuine, and the words are straightforward and clear about the everyday struggles. The song has an incredible depth that reached me deeply.  

The single 9 to 5 is available.

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