Brett Kissel’s Inspirational Album What is Life?

Canadian singer Brette Kissel has released a new album entitled What is Life? The themes are family, love and life.

The music is Country. The album has a mix of a Tim Mcgraw and Thomas Rhett vibe, including the song, Make a Life Not a Living, Brett Kissel plays the guitar remarkably. The song that has a Garth Brooks parallel is Slidin’ Your Way. The record has a bold sound that gives a modern touch combined with classical Country music. The music is smooth and flowy- it’s rich in various sounds. The ballads, such as A Better Bad Idea, have a fantastic rhythm and soul, complimenting the romantic feel.

Brett Kissel’s voice is beautiful and soulful. There are three songs where his kids speak for about 30 seconds, touching performances. The children talk from their heart. His singing is rhythmic and bold.

The lyrics are profound and heartfelt. Brett Kissel sings about his relationship and family with a personal feel to them, making the songs genuine. The piece What is Life is a perspective piece that is profound and relatable, even philosophical- he sounds humble. The songs are poetic and rich in language. There are romantic pieces, such as Slidin’ Your Way and From This Day Forward. These songs are heartwarming and inspire hope that love is possible. The lyrics have a natural flow in each tune. 

The album What is Life is available.

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