Ariane Moffatt’s Soothing Album Incarnat

Canadian and Quebec artist Ariane Moffatt has released a new album entitled Incarnat (Incarnate). The themes are love, nature, and appreciating the little things in life, especially during COVID.

The music is French pop and classical. There are beautifully soothing musical songs with great use of the piano. It reminds me of music one would hear at an orchestra. The tunes without lyrics have beautiful compositions rich in rhythm- wavy and flowy. The piano plays an essential part in the record. Phèdre En Forêt is an example of the lovely piano sound, a collaboration with Fanny Britt. The piece La Classe (The Class) is an impressive mix of textured music using sound effects. Another example of sound effects is Little Bluff Beach, where Ariane Moffatt uses the noise of rubbing pebbles together during a trip – according to sources. It’s an impressive little detail that gives it a personal touch. The songs have an incredible variety that transmits the album’s sound of high quality. 

Ariane Moffatt’s voice is soft and smooth. She sings in a bold and versatile manner. She sounds relaxed and calm, inspiring listeners to do the same, especially with the challenging year of COVID.

The lyrics are reflective and poetic. There’s positivity throughout the album. The words are well-written and from the heart. The song entitled Nature, recording before COVID, then continued during the pandemic, which brought on new meaning regarding the environment and feeling powerless. It makes genuine and profound. The song Espoir (hope) is about appreciating everything because of life’s fragility, which is inspirational. The same applies to the piece Beauté (beauty), which is about going with the flow despite having an ideaIt shows that life can surprise you and also demonstrates to enjoy the ride and scenery.The song has a clever use of repetition. Hearing Ariane Moffatt’s voice describing the artist’s processes and challenges add another personal layer to it. The tune Jamais Trop Tard (It’s never too late) has a hopeful message. There’s lovely romantic poetry throughout the album, including the pieces Little Bluff Beach and Incarnat. Ariane Moffatt added a personal touch to her songs, such as the tune Distance about parenting styles inherited by the parents and the new ideas. 

The album Incarnat is available.

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