Single Saturdays: Kane Brown – Homesick (Veterans Version)

Featuring JW Cortes, Sal Gonzalez, Generald Wilson.

American singer Kane Brown has released along with artists JW Cortes, Sal Gonzalez, and Generald Wilson, a veterans version of his single Homesick. The story is about a soldier overseas who misses his significant other and family. 

The music is Country. It’s a lovely ballad with an incredible guitar sound. The guitar and the fingers’ snapping start the song with a slow pace, giving it an intimate feel. Then, the tempo increases just a little bit at a time to express the sadness of missing loved ones. After the fast tempo, it decreases slowly and smoothly. The melody is wavy and smooth at the same time. The composition is beautiful and cozy, rich in rhythm and tone.

Kane Brown’s voice, along with JW Cortes, Sal Gonzalez, and Generald Wilson, is fantastic. They sing their parts with heart and soul.

The lyrics are heartwarming and relatable. The subject of loved ones overseas is relatable and genuinely understands the challenges people face in these challenging times. There’s a sense of nostalgia remembering the times spent with a significant other, family or both. It teaches a valuable lesson about appreciating the little things. The words are well-written to describe an in-depth topic of being homesick and overseas. 

The single Homesick is available.

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