Tebey’s Latest Album The Good Ones

Canadian singer Tebey’s has released a new album entitled The Good Ones. The themes are love and the journey in life.

The music is Country, combined with R&B. All eight songs of the album are memorable with impressive compositions. The blend of the two genres is remarkable and bold, just like in the tunes Bad for Me and See You Around. The music parallels Tim McGraw’s, Eric Etheridge and Brad Paisley’s music with a touch of Tebey’s distinct style of mixing two musical styles. The guitar in the background is fantastic to hear, a classic choice in Country. The beat of each tune is catchy and compliments the vibe and mood of each one.   

Tebey’s voice is husky and smooth. He sings with passion. He has a lovely duet with Marie-Mai with their tune, The Good Ones.

The lyrics are romantic and expressive. The songs have a storytelling touch that makes them personal and from the heart. The tune Shotgun Rider has a trademark subject matter of Country music, including references to Alabama and Atlanta. The song Good Jeans is a smart play on words, referring to clothes and “genes” of genetics. The song Happened on a Saturday Night tells a story of adventures people may not always recall but can relate to and understand.  The Good Ones (a duet with Marie-Mai) is a touching tune about remembering a past relationship and focusing on the “good” times. The theme of nostalgia is present in this piece and another entitled Song of the Summer, about going down memory lane, according to Tebey, probably as teenagers.   Tebey also covers the temptations of life as described in the song Bad for Me. It’s about wanting to live on the edge but considering the risk and consequences that follow. Debating the two aspects of it in the song is well-described. There’s an incredible variety of topics, especially just living life, such as travelling or going to a bar (when it’s not during a pandemic), just like the piece See You Around. Romance has a presence throughout the record and Doing It Again is the sweetest one. It describes the excitement and the nervous feeling of new love. The lyrics are intricate and bold throughout the album.

The album The Good Ones is available.

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