Day 4: Carrie Underwood – My Gift

American Country star Carrie Underwood has released her new Christmas album entitled My Gift. There are three original songs (four if you have the Amazon Music version) and eight covers.

The music is Holiday and Country. The record has sweet ballads with beautiful musical compositions – the guitar and the piano give the album a cozy and intimate feel. The simplistic musical style provides the album with a nice touch, going for a more classical rhythm within a Country beat. Excellent work! The production team contributed significantly to the album My Gift: Serban Ghenea ( mastering), Randy Merrill (mixing), and Greg Wells ( producer, engineer, programming). The musicians did an excellent job making this Christmas record feel homey and familiar. Here are the people who contributed to the album: 

The Musicians

  • Steven Becknell – french horn
  • David Campbell – arranger
  • Heather Clark – flute
  • Andrew Duckles – viola
  • Donald Foster – clarinet
  • David Garcia – acoustic guitar
  • Steven Holtman – contrabass trombone
  • David Kalmusky – electric guitar
  • Rong Huey Liu – oboe
  • Mac McAnally – acoustic guitar
  • Carolyn Riley – viola
  • David Stone – bass
  • David Washburn – trumpet
  • Greg Wells – acoustic guitar, arranger, bass, drums, electric guitar, percussion

The mix of instruments is impressive and gives the Christmas album a lovely continuity in the musical compositions.

Carrie Underwood’s voice is soulful, rhythmic and versatile. She has two beautiful duets: one with her son Isaiah Fisher (Little Drummer Boy) and another with John Legend (Hallejuah). The song Little Drummer Boy she sings with her son is a cute and sweet mother-child moment that gives a personal touch.

The lyrics of the original songs have depth and a genuine Christmas feel. 
Let There Be Peace has a positive and hopeful message promoting love and peace during hard times. It’s a relevant song during the time of COVID. Carrie Underwood, Brett James, and David Garcia wrote this song with lovely poetry.
Sweet Baby Jesus is a religious song with profound words about Jesus in honour of Christmas. Carrie Underwood, Brett James, and David Garcia also wrote the lyrics of this tune.
Hallelujah (featuring John Legend) has a lovely choir vibe. John Stephens (John Legend) and Toby Gad wrote this song with an inspirational message behind it. 
Favorite Time of Year is a song celebrating Christmas cheer in a time of love and peace. Carrie Underwood, Hillary Lindsey, Chris DeStefano wrote this piece beautifully. It’s an Amazon exclusive.

The album My Gift is available.

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