Single Saturdays: Gary Barlow – Elita feat. Michael Bublé, Sebastián Yatra

British singer Gary Barlow has a new single entitled Elita, featuring Michael Bublé and Sebastián Yatra. The song tells the story of a girl named Elita who wants to live her life the way she sees fit. 

The music is a mix of Pop and Latin music. The beat is catchy that reminds of Salsa music or Rumba and makes one want to get up and dance. It has an old-fashioned Latin sound that meets moderns tones. The instruments heard are a combination of drums, tambourine, and the guitar that give the single a Latin vibe. The composition parallels Robbie Williams’ 90s hits. The blend of these two genres is impressive and harmonious. 

Gary Barlow, Michael Bublé and Sebastián Yatra’s voices complement each other incredibly. The blend of their voices is fantastic. There’s a smooth transition between the three artists, where the listeners can hear each one.

The lyrics are rhythmic and magnificent. The storytelling aspect of the song gives it a personal touch to it. There’s also an epic vibe of a strong woman because Elita is living her life. The tune reminds me of the story of Lola Montez (or Montes). The crown symbolizes how Elita is on a pedestal, set up by others and the power she has. Also, Elita represents mystery and adventure, which is appealing, even if she may break the hearts of those romantically involved with her. However, the song clearly describes the risk and danger of being involved with a woman like Elita. The words are well-written with freestyle poetic flow.

The song Elita is available.

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