Single Saturdays: Brittany Kennell – You Don’t Get Me Stoned

Canadian singer Brittany Kennell has a new single out entitled You Don’t Get Me Stoned. The song tells the story of a woman whose current relationship was “recreational love” instead of true love. Brittany Kennell and Nathan Meckel worked on You Don’t Get Me Stoned.

The music is Country, classic style. The beat is wavy, which represents various emotions felt during the time of confusion in a relationship. An example is at around the third verse, where the tempo is slow then goes up at the chorus. The composition is well-structured and well-thought-out. The sound is catchy. There’s a great mix of old and new rhythms of Country music – the guitar plays an essential part in that vibe. 

Brittany Kennell’s voice is rich and bold. Her vocal style reminds of Dolly Parton, especially with her classic hits Jolene and 9 to 5. She captures the varied emotions felt throughout the song. 

The lyrics are intricate and expressive. The subject of a failed relationship is a timeless one. However, in this song, there’s a silver lining. A sense of hope has an inspirational presence. The word “stoned” is a metaphor for the “high” felt when one is in love, also known as “being on Cloud 9.” The courage to move on is evident in the lyrics of this tune. The words are from the heart, which makes the song genuine and relatable.   

The single You Don’t Get Me Stoned is available.

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