Single Saturdays: Assi El Hallani- Ragateni Li Bedaity

Lebanese singer Assi El Hallani has released a new single entitled Ragateni Li Bedaity (You have sent me back to the beginning)The song tells the story of a couple looking back on memories over the years.

The music is Arabic Pop. The sound is upbeat and cheerful, bringing listeners a sense of joy. Hassan Issa composed this lovely tune. The combination of old and contemporary beats gives the song a musical flavour.

Assi El Hallani’s voice is beautiful and rich in melody. He expresses his genuine love for his wife and his family. He captures the joy and nostalgia of memories.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. Abeer Abou Ismail wrote the song with feeling and incredible detailing. It’s about celebrating a fantastic love that is pure and deep. The tune expresses the importance of being there for each other through the good and the bad, as well as respecting one another. Also, there’s a focus on making sure the significant other is happy and loved. The words are straightforward, demonstrating what’s essential in a relationship/marriage: respect, honour, love, and happiness.

The single Ragateni Li Bedaity is available.

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