Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – Daycare Closed

American artist Chris Mann has released a new single entitled Daycare Closed. It’s a parody of Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus’s song Old Town Road. It tells the story of a parent who’s struggling to entertain his kid during the lockdown due to COVID-19. 

The music is Country, mixed with Pop and RAP. The composition has the same beat or similar to the original version. The rhythm is perfectly flowy and easy to follow. The mix of genres is well-done with an incredible composition. The guitar adds a particular musical flavour to the parody of a Summer hit. It starts with a slow banjo, then increases in tempo as the song goes along.  

Chris Mann’s voice is impressive. He sings at the same pace as Lil Naz, but with a twist. Chris Mann expresses in his singing the feeling many parents share of stress and joy of having the kids at home during the lockdown with humour.

The lyrics tell the story of parents struggling to cope with entertaining the kids during the lockdown. The words are from the heart, making the song genuine and relatable, with the use of comic relief. The lyrics are well-written with a structure that is easy to follow. There are references to kids’ favourite toys and shows (i.e. sports cars and Blippi). These little details are things parents can understand, which is witty and smart. 

The single Daycare Closed is available. 

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