My Silent Bravery’s Latest Album Holding Out For Hope.

The American Band, My Silent Bravery, has released a new album entitled Holding Out For Hope.  The themes are love and the journey through life, perseverance against adversity, etc.

The music is Pop combined with Rock and Alternative. Each song has a beat that suits a specific mood. The sound is catchy with a rhythmic composition. After The Party starts with a slow rhythm, then it picks up the tempo. The guitar has a distinct presence throughout the album. The tune Wrong Way has a beat that reminds me of the Alternative genre for which My Silent Bravery is known. The song Rescue Me has a melodic pace that complements the mood. The structure of the record is fantastic in terms of the flow.

My Silent Bravery’s lead singer Matthew Wade’s voice is magnificent, full of style and grace. He captures the feeling of each song. He is getting bolder in his vocal style with each song, each album. 

The lyrics are full of life and emotion.  This record has a personal feel to it, just like My Silent Bravery’s previous records. Each song tells its own story, yet they complement one another. The tunes Wrong Way, Rescue Me and Dancing Around Destiny reflect emotional challenges one feels when it comes to love Romantic songs include Hey MissAfter The Party, and Something Beautiful. The tunes that have an inspirational vibe are Holding Out For Hope and Holding Out (featuring Maurico). The album starts and ends on an optimistic note of hope. 

My favourite songs are Hey MissAfter The Party, and Something Beautiful, and Holding Out  (featuring Maurico). 

The album Holding Out For Hope is available.

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