Various Artists – You Wish: A Merge Records Holiday Album

 You Wish by A Merge Records Holiday Album is a compilation of artists singing Christmas classics (i.e. White Christmas and Blue Christmas) and originals (i.e. Green Christmas and Baby In The Hay). 

The music in this album has a mix of different genres, including Alternative and Singer/Songwriter. There’s a fresh take on the Christmas music that many of us know and love. The original songs have a modern charm and style. It’s an album that combines the new and the classics- a unique variety.

The lyrics of the original songs tell different types of stories. Some of them show a happy tale, while others talk about the challenges or struggles of this time of year. It’s a well-done balance between the two scenarios. The words are from the heart and have a personal touch to them.

You Wish: A Merge Records Holiday Album by Various Artists is available.

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