First Album Fridays: Lili-Ann De Francesco- Eponym Album

Canadian singer Lili-Ann De Francesco has released her first album, Lili-Ann De Francesco. The overall themes of the record are soul-searching and relationships (both love and heartbreak). 

The musical genre of this album is French Pop. Composers included the artist herself. The music is rhythmic and reflects the specific mood of each song. There’s an experimental component that makes this album bold. The instruments heard in this record are the piano and the guitar, as well as electronic music. 

Lili-Ann De Francesco’s voice is soft and whisper-like, making it distinct and unique. She follows her musical style and rhythm. She captures the emotion(s) felt in each song. 

The lyrics have fantastic poetry to them, full of emotions and imagery. There are songs in French and English. The words focus on a personal journey, relationships, and break-up – relatable subjects. There’s a silver lining in the album, a sense of hope. Lili-Ann De Francesco sings from the heart with incredibly well-written songs.

My favourite songs from the album are Aura, Don’t Want You Back, Deux, and Je Me Vois.

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