Woodstock: The Original Soundtrack

In honour of the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, I wanted to write an article about this fantastic soundtrack. The songs on this album are some of the hits performed at the famous Woodstock concert.

The quality of the music is incredible. It sounds as I were in Woodstock, as I would imagine, not having been there born yet. I learned to appreciate this historic musical event. There were so many musical genres, as mentioned in my Woodstock -The 50th Anniversary. The sound engineer behind it was Bill Hanley. I heard more music and only some singing. The focus was more, from my impression, is on the variety of genres and getting attendees to dance.

The performances sounded terrific in this soundtrack. I could imagine being there. I recognized some of the songs, including Going To The Country. The singing I heard was impressive with the help of quality speakers at the venue. Despite any issues due to rainy weather, according to sources, it went well overall.

I had no idea how significant Woodstock was until recently when I would watch shows or interview talking about the event or the music. The soundtrack is a sample of the music history that Woodstock made.
I hope you enjoy the soundtrack to appreciate or feel nostalgic if you lived that historic moment.

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