Soundtrack Saturdays: The Lion King

The live-action film The Lion King is out in theatres. I heard the soundtrack, and it’s fantastic! It is just as incredible as the original version from 1994.

The music is a mix of old and new beats from the 1994 version. However, the score is slightly different from the cartoon movie. The sound has changed. The focus of the score is on more than one character. Some of which cover Mufasa’s exploits. Others, however, focus on Simba’s struggles and triumphs. There’s also one score that concentrates entirely on Rafiki’s life. It is the same composer for both the 1994 and 2019 editions of The Lion King, Hans Zimmer. The compositions are just as incredible as the cartoon film.

There is a variety of actors and singers who sing fantastically in this soundtrack. There’s one song performed by Sir Elton John entitled “Never Too Late” that is full of optimism and joy. Beyoncé has a beautiful and inspirational tune called Spirit, which gives the soundtrack a modern touch. Lebo M sings marvellously in the songs he performed. Lindiwe Mkhize sings impressively in the Circle of Life/Nants Ingonyama.

There are six songs from the 1994 film that got remade. The tunes are “Circle of Life,” “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King,” “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” and “Be Prepared.” There are two new songs are “Spirit” by Beyoncé and Never Too Late by Elton John. The new material is magnificent. The overall effect of the soundtrack is just as incredible as the one from the 1994 cartoon movie. I relived my childhood when I listened to it. For those who watched when they were kids or with their children, I hope enjoyed it as much as I did.

The film The Lion King is playing in theatres.

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