Single Saturdays: Gizelle De Guzman – We Don’t Love Like That Anymore

Canadian singer Gizelle De Guzman has a new single out entitled We Don’t Love Like That Anymore. It’s about a kind of love that seems to be challenged by modern society, especially in the world of social media. Gizelle de Guzman and Aaron Langier wrote, performed and recorded the tune.

The music is a combination of a slow and fast beat in the pop and country mix. The guitar has a lovely presence in the song. One can honestly feel the sadness in tune. Aaron Langier mixed the music for this song.

Gizelle De Guzman’s voice is beautiful and filled with emotion. It’s so pure and sweet with a great rhythm. She follows the beat perfectly.

The lyrics describe a which that is familiar to many, which is pure love. It explains how in this day and age, love has lost its meaning. The story describes the story of a girl whose love was genuine, but it appears that something happened to end a beautiful relationship. That seems hard to maintain in a time of instant gratification, which dominates the world- particularly on social media, one can feel lonely and unhappy.

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