Cassadee Pope- Stages A Fantastic Country Album!

American Country Singer Cassadee Pope has released a new album entitled Stages. The overall theme of the album is about life experiences and love.

The music is Country with a modern feel to it. Cassadee Pope plays the guitar beautifully in this album with a lovely melody. The rhythm of the songs varies in each one. The composition is sweet and romantic. The piano has a beautiful presence in this record, which is the case with the tune Gavi.

Cassadee Pope’s voice is strong, beautiful and unforgettable. She knows how to play with the register of her sound. Cassadee Pope’s singing captures the mood she feels depending on the subject of the song. Her voice reminds of Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill. It’s impressive!

The lyrics are intricate and well-written. There’s a use of metaphors and other poetic techniques to describe the emotion of love. An example is If the Heart Had a Heart is a personification. It’s a description of the emotions one feels when in love – as if the heart had a mind of its own. The rhyming is marvellous. The flow of the lyrics is natural in all of her songs.

The album Stages is now available. Enjoy!


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