Soundtrack Saturdays: La Course Des Tuques

La Course Des Tuques is a Québecois movie that came out in theatres this year. The soundtrack for the film is incredible! With the Holiday break upon us, this is an album I recommend, especially those who have seen the movie. The primary musical style of the soundtrack is pop. There are other genres as well, such as R&B and Opera.

The artists’ voices have different styles, which makes for an interesting variety. All the singers, including Alex Nevsky, Lara Fabian, Ludovic Bourgeois give amazing performances in this album. The soundtrack includes a remake of U2’s single Beautiful Day, by the group Cool Kids. Etienne Cousineau has an opera-style voice that gives the album a lovely touch. Corneille sings beautifully with Joshua Moreno with the tune Je serai là (I will be there).

This is an impressive soundtrack. It’s available now. Enjoy!


A Trailer for The Movie




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