Alessia Cara- The Pains of Growing

Canadian singer Alessia Cara has released a new album entitled The Pains of Growing. The overall theme is growing up into adulthood, along with the challenges and growing pains that come with it. It features hits like Growing Pains, and Trust My Lonely.

The music is incredible in this album. It compliments the lyrics quite well. The pop music reminds me of the early 2000s. For example, there’s a stop effect to the beat. It has a rhythm that is engaging.

Alessia Cara’s voice is soulful and abundant in this album. She sings with all her heart and with passion. She is a talented pop star. It’s a pleasure to her sing.

The lyrics of the songs are well-written. Alessia Cara wrote or co-wrote all the songs of the album. She captures the emotions that people feel during the time of personal growth and transition to adulthood. One can feel the raw emotions in the words of the songs. There’s a flow that’s free and smooth.

My favourite songs are Growing Pain, Trust My Lonely, 7 Days, Nintendo Game, and My Kind.

The album The Pains of Growing is available now. Enjoy!





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