Wilfred Le Bouthillier’s latest album “Wilfred”- The Feeling of Acadia

Canadian and Acadian singer Wilfred Le Bouthillier has released a new album entitled “Wilfred.” This record has a vibe of Acadian culture. A theme detected in this album is soul-searching.

The music has a mix of folk and pop. Wilfred Le Bouthillier plays incredible guitar throughout this album. It’s his trademark instrument, in my opinion. The folk music in this album gives a feeling of intimacy and unity. The composition of the music is structured and has a flowing rhythm.

The lyrics have rich poetry to them. There’s a personal touch to the words, just like the previous album “Je poursuis ma route” ( I followed my road).
The lyrics have a personal touch to them, especially the songs Fort McMurray, Tu t’rappelles-tu (Do you remember), Carre St-Louis, and 19 ans (19 years old). There are Acadian expressions in this album, just like the first one in 2003, entitled “Wilfred Le Bouthillier.” Examples of this would be the songs “All In,” Face a Face (Face to Face), and 19 ans. His romantics include “J’attendrai” ( I will wait), and La Croisee. The songs that focus on soul-searching are Chercher La Lumiere (Searching for the light), Petit Voilier (Small Sailboat). The lyrics of each song have a significant meaning to them.

Wilfred Le Bouthillier’s voice is unforgettable, especially in this album. It’s very smooth and low-toned. He plays with the tone of his voice, which is well done.

My favourite songs from this album are J’attendrai, Petit Voilier, Fort McMurray, and All In.





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