Single Saturdays: Heartstreets – Piece By Piece (feat. L’Isle)

Canadian duo Hearstreets released a single entitled Piece By Piece featuring L’Isle (Ariane Brunet). The story of the song is about independence, confidence and following one’s heart. There’s a sense of hope and optimism.

The music has a calm and slow pace that is peaceful and relaxing. It reminds of the music from the Solitude albums by Dan Gibson. The beat sounds like an Amazon rainforest. It’s a mix of different musical genres: pop and rap.

The voices of the Heartstreets members: Emma Beko & Gab Godon and that of L’Isle are incredible. Their sounds compliment each very nicely. When L’Isle sings, her voice is soft, and she sounds like she’s whispering.

The lyrics have a natural flow to them. The meaning of the words is simple, which compliments the overall story of the song about confidence and independence. The tune is mostly in English, with some verses in French, done in a structured manner. The poetic techniques used in this song are repetition, metaphors, and simile. The chorus is an example of repeated the sentences Piece by Piece, and I follow my lead. “Don’t underestimate my fire” is a powerful metaphor that describes the confidence the girl has in herself. The phrase “Tes mots comme des flèches qui percent la peau” (Your words are like arrows that pierce through the skin) is an example of a simile.

Piece By Piece featuring L’Isle is an optimistic song that is inspiring. The music is soothing with a steady rhythm. I look forward to hearing more of their music.

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