Single Saturdays: L’Isle & D R M S “La Vague”

Canadian singer L’isle has released a new single “La Vague” (The Wave) in a duet with DRMS. L’isle is the new artist name for Ariane Brunet. “La Vague” is a metaphor to describe the intensity of love.

The story is about a couple overcoming the obstacles that they face in their relationship. Sometimes, the barriers are within us, which is the case in the second verse. True love can handle anything that comes its way.
The chorus consists of a sentence repeated four times, which gives it an interesting poetic effect. The ocean is significant because it’s vast, just like the endless amount of possibilities.

The music has a well-done dance beat, and one can hear it anywhere, anytime. That is rare for me to say. It can work for DJs also. L’isle’s voice is soft and consistent. Her singing has rap-like rhythm or even sounds like people who recite poems at a club. The musical style of this song is a step in a different direction from L’isle’s previous material. I look forward to hearing more of this new beat in the future.

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