Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery- 2 Songs

My Silent Bravery is an alternative rock band from Boston, Mass that has been musically active since 2007. I recently heard two singles dating back from 2016 that I highly recommend: Drunk off the Sun & Warning Signs. The band sent me the songs to listen to them, which was an honour for me.

Drunk off the Sun is a song that has a Summery feel to it. I heard this song when the weather was cold. It had me dreaming about the Summer. It’s a season to take it easy and to enjoy the warm weather that is an integral part of the season. The tempo goes up slightly at the third verse, which gives a nice punch to the tune.

Warning Signs is a song about a relationship that fell apart the guy dealing with a breakup felt disappointed not to have noticed the apparent clues. The song is also an about how “Love is Blind”. It can happen to anyone. It’s a relatable song.   The beat of the guitar compliments the tune nicely. Matt’s voice has an incredible variety of tempo, which is impressive!

The music is catchy, and the rhythm is unbelievable for both songs.

My favourite is Drunk Off the Sun because it has me looking forward to warming weather of Summer.

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