Christmas Music 2016 Edition- French-Canadian Artists Double Review

2016 is a good year for Christmas music  I have discovered quite a few this year. It’s exciting this time of year. The feeling of joy and compassion is needed these days, especially with the sad news from around the world. Quebec is a fantastic place for Christmas music.

There are three albums that caught my attention this year. All three albums are performed by Canadian artists, more specifically Quebecois artists.

-Melissa Bedard Ma Liste de Noël
-Tocadeo Meilleurs Vœux
– Cœur de Pirate Chansons tristes pour Noël

The first two albums Melissa Bedard and Tocadeo perform the French version of Christmas classics such as “C’est L’Hiver” (French version of Let it Snow).  There is an interesting contrast between their respective albums Melissa Bedard’s voice is strong, similar to that of an opera singer.  The members of Tocadeo on the other hand, sing with the similar musical style from Christmas classics. The examples are Vive Le Vent, C’est l’hiver, and Minuit Chretien.

Melissa Bedard’s album Ma Liste de Noël does two songs that are her own: C’est Noël, mon amour, et Enfin, Noël. It gives it  a more personal touch, which differs from most Christmas albums I’ve heard.

Christmas Music 2016 Edition- French-Canadian Artists Part 2

Cœur de Pirate’s album Chansons tristes pour Noël consists of remakes of three sad Christmas songs, including the classic Last Christmas by Wham!

This album differs from the albums of Melissa Bedard and Tocadeo who sing the classics of Christmas songs.  There’s the raw emotion of the heartbreak that some experience in this time of year.  Her voice is expressive and flows nicely.

I really enjoy hearing the piano in the background. The music of the piano compliments her version of these three songs.  The quality of this album is amazing!

This is my take on the Christmas music of 2016

Happy Holidays everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2017 be a blessed year for everyone.


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