RIP Amer Mounib: 5 Years Since His Passing

November 26th, 2011, Egyptian singer and actor Amer Mounib passed away following his battle with colon cancer. I felt like a part of me died that day. I spent days listening to his music and posting links to his videos on Facebook.

Every 26th of the month I listened to his music to honour him as the talented artist he was.  I honoured him every year on this date too. He had acted in four films: Sehr Al-Oyoun (Charming Eyes), Kimo wa Antimo (Kimo and his friend), Al-Ghawas (The Diver), and Kamel Al-Awsaf (Perfect Features). His songs were usually romantic or about heartbreak. It was fun to see him act and sing.

The first song I heard was Ya Malak (My Angel) in the movie Sehr Al-Oyoun (Charming Eyes) and I fell in love with his music instantly. That was ten years ago. Wow! Time flies. I kept discovering many of his songs on various sites as well as his website, before I made use of Youtube, lol.  The last album he ever made was Hazy Men Al-Sama (My luck coming from the sky).

My favourite songs are Ya Malak, Leil w Nahar, Shouq wa Haneen, Moshtaalak Ainy, Kol Thany Maak, Ayam wa Layaly, Wayak, Nefsy A’Aolak, and much more!

Although he’s no longer with us, his music and films live on. I love his music, and I hope you will too.  May he rest in peace.



more videos to be added…


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