Bastian Baker’s Facing Canyons Available in Canada!

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Country: Switzerland
Genre: Folk/Rock

Bastian Baker has released his third album Facing Canyons in Canada! I’ve listened to this album many times since its release May 9!  

The folk beat is incredible! Bastian Baker has perfected this genre of music very nicely. The song We are the Ones is a great start to the album with a catchy beat. The best part of listening to this album is knowing the inspirations behind some of those songs such as titles like Tattoo on my Brain & Charlie From Sydney. It changes the experience of listening to these songs. I appreciate these songs even more! Throughout the album, the guitar is very present, and I love it!  The instruments also include the harmonica.

The ballads like Planned it All, White Room, Rainbow, Tell the Night are very poetic and touching. There is a sense of vulnerability  that’s common in romantic relationships. A song that demonstrates relationship frustration is “Everything We Do”. However, in the end of the day, there’s a sense of hope, because if you truly love someone, the relationship can overcome anything.

The most touching song is Charlie from Sydney. It refers to two tragedies: the shooting in Sydney, Australia (December 14, 2014) and the shooting at Charlie Hebdo  (January 7,2015). This song became known to world especially when the Paris attacks (November 13 2015 took place, and he uploaded on his youtube channel. It helped me deal with shock of the November attacks in the days following the tragedy.

The song I Want You has a jazz-like beat, which gives compliments the folk beat very well. The chorus is very catchy and makes me want to dance. I remember the music of the 90s without it sounding like it was taken from that time.

Ain’t No Love has contemporary country-music feel that I enjoy lately. His voice is deep and smooth. I really felt the emotion in the song. He describes the scenery in fine detail, which is incredible for those  who like to visualize the scene.

My favourite songs on this album include main hits like: Everything We Do, Tatton on My Brain, Planned it All, We Are the Ones and I want You




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