Single Saturdays: Maxime Malevé – My Saviour

Belgian singer Maxime Malevé has released a new single entitled “My Saviour.” The story is about a guy who loves and admires the girl with whom he’s in love, and he admires her greatly.

The music is slow, with a jazz-like beat. There’s also the music of a guitar in the background. I can hear the sound of clapping blended with the slow music.

Maxime Malevé’s voice is soft and sweet. He experiments with his sound in his songs, as it’s the case with this tune.

The lyrics are simplistic but romantic. The words describe true love and are inspirational. There are two rhyme schemes AABB and ABBA, which give this song structure.


Marie-Mai’s Latest Record “Elle et Moi”- A Dynamic Album!

French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai has released a new album entitled ‘Elle et Moi” (Her & I). This record feels like the most personal album for Marie-Mai. You can feel the raw emotions, which makes this album authentic.

The music is a mix of different genres: pop, electric and techno. The composition of the songs is impressive. Marie-Mai composed most of the songs along with Oliver Som and others. It’s a dynamic album with a complex, but structured composition. The tempo of the songs is a mix of slow and fast.
Marie-Mai’s voice is stronger than ever. One can hear the confidence in her voice when she sings, as well as raw emotion and strength. She performs in sync with the music.

The lyrics have a personal touch to them, which makes them authentic and relatable. Songs like Empire, Je Decolle (I take off), and Elle et Moi (Her & I) are examples of empowerment and self-confidence that are inspirational. Oser Aimer (Dare to Love) is a song that gives hope about finding love.
An example of a personal song is La Fin (The End), which refers to her separation from Fred St-Gelais (according to sources-including an interview on Radio-Canada). Exister is a song that Marie-Mai wrote most of the songs on her own. In some cases, she co-wrote songs with other artists, which is the case for the songs Elle et Moi and Un Pied Dans La Porte (A foot out the door). Koriass and Ingrid St-Pierre wrote Elle et Moi and Un Pied Dans La Porte, respectively.

The album Elle et Moi is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Nicola Ciccone- Le Long Chemin

Canadian singer Nicola Ciccone has released a new single Le Long Chemin (the long journey or the long road), which is a song for his album with the same coming out March 26, 2019. The story of the song is a romantic story of a couple building a life together. The song is written and composed by Nicola Ciccone.

The music is slow with a smooth composition. The dominant instruments are the guitar and the piano. The band members do a fantastic job at playing in harmony together, as well as with Nicola Ciccone’s voice. It is all in a synchronized rhythm. Nicola Ciccone’s singing is musical also. The sound of the song is relaxing and peaceful.
Ciccone’s voice is rich and soulful. There is incredible depth to his sound.

The lyrics are poetic, even if they don’t always rhyme. The words are structured and easy to follow. The type of French used in this song is a standard version, which is understood by many. However, it doesn’t take away the beauty of the words to this song. “Le Long Chemin,” which means a long road is a metaphor for a life full of joy and potential, in my opinion. Ciccone is well-known for quality lyrics.

The album Le Long Chemin will be out March 26, 2019.

Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel Hard to Breathe

Jonny Zywiciel has released a new single entitled Hard to Breathe. The story is about a guy who’s genuinely in love and feels overwhelmed. This song is another example of Jonny Zywiciel pushing the envelope with his singing and music.

The music has an incredible composition and fast-paced rhythm. Jonny Zywiciel plays the guitar so well, as always. It’s a signature style for him. The music and his voice are in sync, and you can hear both without any overlap.
Jonny Zywiciel’s voice is more abundant than before. He experiments with the register of his voice throughout the song. His voice is sync with the music. He sings with a pitch sound at the end of the chorus, which reminds me of the late George Michael.

The lyrics are well-written and have a lovely simplicity to them. Jonny Zywiciel uses the poetic technique of repetition in this song to emphasize his feelings for his significant other. There’s a “stop effect” in the chorus that gives a nice touch to the song. The composition of the verses has the rhyming style of AABB.

I look forward to hearing more music from Jonny Zywiciel. His music is impressive and unforgettable.

Single Saturdays: Corneille -Tout Le Monde

Rwandan-Canadian singer Corneille has released a new single entitled Tout Le Monde (Everyone). It’s about identity and figuring out where one stands in society, to my interpretation. There’s also a sense of togetherness and solidarity.

The music has a rhythm that reminds me of African musical instruments, in the beginning. Overall, it’s a mix of R&B with a hint of Pop. The composition of this song is one that is unforgettable.
Corneille’s voice is vibrant and harmonious. He sings with rhythm and style.

Bastian Baker’s Latest Album- “Bastian Baker”- Incredible Music!

Bastian Baker has released a new self-titled album. It’s an album that is romantic and contemplative. Bastian Baker has outdone himself in this album regarding the musical style and the experimentation with his voice.

The European Pop music has its presence in this album, with a nostalgic and vintage feel to it. Some of the songs remind of the music from the 1970s. The rhythm of the music has a “wavy” flow to it.

Bastian Baker’s voice is remarkable on this album. He experiments with his sound concerning register and style. His voice can quite low or high-pitch- like the Bee Gees. In some cases, he combines. When he sings, he sounds like he’s narrating a story in many of his tune.

The lyrics of the songs, for the most part, are descriptive and make you contemplate.

Bastian Baker’s self-titled album is now available.

Disclaimer: The song Yokko contains explicit language. Listener Discretion is Advised.


Single Saturdays: Olivier Dion – Curious

French Canadian artist Olivier Dion has released a new single entitled Curious. It’s the first song he sings in English. It is quite impressive!
The story about a guy whose infatuation for a girl is overwhelming.

The music of the Curious has a precise mix of a fast and slow beat. It reminds me beatboxing, which is catchy and fresh. It reminds me of pop music from Europe, especially British music from the late 90s/early 2000s.
Olivier Dion’s voice sounds husky and smooth, especially when he sings the chorus. His voice goes high at just the right register.

The lyrics have the poetic style of repetition in them. The line “Serious but I want it I’m curious I got to have it” in the chorus is an example. The words of Curious have a stop effect to them.

I will keep you informed of Olivier Dion’s English in due time. In the meantime, enjoy this song!

Jusqu’au Bout-Robby Johnson’s First French Album!

Canadian Country star Robby Johnson has released a new album entitled “Jusqu’au bout” (till the end). This record covers the themes of love, heartbreak, and life in general.
Robby Johnson is originally from the Beauce region of Quebec. Historically, Francophone singers produce albums in French then go into the English music market. In this case, it’s the opposite, because he was singing in Country songs in English, as he lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

The music is French Pop, with a hint of Country, in my opinion. The guitar in the background reminds of the Country genre, for which Robby Johnson is known. The composition of this album is well-structured and smooth. This record has the classic style of French pop.

The lyrics are well-written. Robby Johnson sounds incredible when he sings in French. He has some songs where he sings in both French and English such as Au Bout de Nos Doigts (Alone Tonight) and Ou Ton Bonheur Sera (Where your happiness will be). He has one song that he sings in English entitled As Long As I’m With You.

Robby Johnson’s voice is rich and harmonious. It’s in sync with the music and the rhythm of the songs. He sings marvellously both in French and in English.

It is an incredible and dynamic album!