Single Saturdays: Carole Samaha – Al Moutallaka

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha has new single Al-Moutallaka (The divorcee). It’s an emotional story about a woman and her post-divorce struggle.

The presence of the music is subtle at the beginning of the song because Carole Samaha describes the aftermath of a woman following her divorce. Then it becomes more present, in the second half of the tune. It’s similar to “Ne Me Quitte Pas” (Don’t Leave Me) by the late Jacques Brel. The music has a substantial feel to it because it gives the vibe of sadness of a marriage that ended and its impact on the woman in this song.

Carole Samaha sings with passion and raw emotion. She talks in a monologue fashion at first before she goes into singing. It is impressive how Carole Samaha plays with the register of her voice. She starts low then she gets intense with her sound, demonstrating how she feels in the difficult times following a divorce.

Ali Mawla wrote the beautiful poetry of this song. The words have a profound meaning to them. We may have heard songs about breakups after a failed relationship but rarely the subject of divorce. It demonstrates the challenges that women may face after a separation or divorce. One can feel the pain felt in this challenging time.

The song Al Moutallak by Carole Samaha is available.


Nicola Ciccone – Le Long Chemin An Album Full of Life & Love

Canadian singer Nicola Ciccone has a new album out that’s entitled Le Long Chemin (The Long Trail or in this case The Long Journey). The themes covered in this record are love, heartbreak/heartache, and everyday life.

The music is French pop. The songs on the album have a fantastic rhythm to them. Some of them remind me of Nicola Ciccone’s previous hits. Here are some examples: La Plus Grande Chose Qu’On Dit A Une Femme (The Most Significant Thing We Can Say To a Woman) sounds similar Tu M’aimes Quand Meme (You Love Me Anyway), with a slightly faster tempo for the music as well asLa Beauté des Petites Choses Et Autres Gestes Anodins (The Beauty of Little Things and Simple Gestures) . Difficile L’amour (Love is Difficult) reminds of the song Arriver Jusqu’a Toi (Getting to You). Love Is Like a Loaded Gun a beat paralleled to Little Girl. Superman Est Une Femme (Superman is a Woman) sounds like Je T’aime Tout Court (I Love You- No Matter What). Lastly, Courage reminds me of the song Comme Au Tout Premier Jour (Just Like the First Day).* Elle (her) makes me think of the song Sourire (Smile). Nicola Ciconne’s composition of these tunes is impressive. While at times, it sounds similar to his previous works, there is a fresh vibe to them. Listening to this album makes me want to go on a road trip. The change of rhythm from slow to fast or vice-versa is smooth between songs.

Nicola Ciccone’s voice sounds husky and soothing. When he sings, it’s with comfort and reassurance.

The lyrics have a personal touch to them, as described in an interview on Salut Bonjour March 22, 2019. Nicola Ciccone talked about the origin of some of his songs, which makes one appreciate them even more. Nicola Ciccone uses symbolism, similes, and metaphors to favour the imagination. Superman Est Une Femme (Superman is a Woman) shows the strength and determination of women develop after hard times. The words of each song are genuine and authentic. The simile of Love is Like a Loaded Gun demonstrates how intense the emotion of love can be, which is something many of us forget or don’t realize. It’s incredible freestyle poetry that is romantic, hopeful and emotional with a smooth and rhythmic flow. The lyrical structure of La Plus Grande Chose Qu’On Dit A Une Femme (The Most Significant Thing We Can Say To a Woman) has some similarities to an incredible hit La Beauté des Petites Choses Et Autres Gestes Anodins (The Beauty of Little Things and Simple Gestures). The lyrics of these songs are structured and well written.

The album Le Long Chemin is now available. Enjoy!

*The parallel of the comments for the songs have my interpretation; same for the translation


Single Saturdays: Alexe Gaudreault – Secret

French Canadian Alexe has a new single entitled Secret. It’s about a girl whose ex constantly lies to women he dates. She remembers his lies and hears about the same thing happening again with another woman.

The music is Pop with a catchy sound, similar to the classic style of French Music, especially Quebec Pop Music. It reminds me of two songs by Marie-Mai entitled Empire and Je Decole, with a slightly faster beat. The tempo of the sound is fantastic and smooth. It reflects the mood of the song perfectly.

Alexe’s voice is soft and low but with an attitude. She sounds like she dares to move on from a failed relationship, as well as points out to the ex that any women will figure out his lies.

The lyrics talk about a guy who continually cheats in his relationships, but one girl is clever and courageous to point it out to him. The metaphor of “reflet” (reflection) represents the reality that a mirror doesn’t hide. The symbol of the image is significant because she talks about not everything you see is what it seems. There’s a poetic flow to it. Alexe, Charles Guay, and Ryan Stewart wrote the lyrics with a freestyle way that gives this song essence.

The song Secret by Alexe is now available. Enjoy!


First-Album Fridays: Ana Stasia – Best Life EP

Canadian singer Ana Stasia released her EP Best Life, last August. The themes of the EP are Women’s empowerment, courage as well as life’s ups and downs.

The music of each song reflects the mood or feeling. It’s an impressive mix of Pop and R&B. The same thing applies to the beats- they give a special effect to the song. The tunes Shade and Hotel Key are examples of how they have a “stop” effect, which emphasizes the emotion felt, which is anger and heartache. The other songs have a happier tone, and there are no harsh stops. They have a smooth and rhythmic flow. The song Best Life is an example of how the music sounds happy and optimistic.

Ana Stasia’s voice is passionate and soulful. She is in tune with the rhythm. You can hear how she feels by the intensity of her sound. It’s clear- she’s determined and confident or upset and takes no nonsense.

The lyrics of three out of the fives songs describe a sense of hope and confidence. The EP starts and ends on a positive note. The exceptions, however, are Shade and Hotel Key. Shade is about women who fight off unwanted attention from men who harass them. In a recent interview on Breakfast Television Montreal, Ana Stasia said the stories of the “Me Too” movement inspired her to do this song. Hotel Key describes in detail about a woman who finds a hotel key and questions her partner. We hear a male voice telling his side of the story. There’s a dialogue between the two, which is different from other songs that talk about cheating in a relationship. The tune Best Life describes a woman with self-confidence living a life that makes her happy. The words in each song are intricate with deep meaning

My favourite songs are Hotel Key, Shade and Best Life.
The EP Best Life by Ana Stasia is available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Sab & Steph Take Me Back Home/Au Loin Là-Bas

Canadian duo Sab & Steph have a single entitled Take Me Back Home. There’s also a French version entitled Au loin de là-bas. Both songs tell the story of two sisters who wish to return home to reconnect with one’s origins.

The music is slow with upbeats parts to it, which is common in Country songs. When I hear this song, I feel like going on a road trip, especially on a lovely Summer day. The sound of the guitar in this song is soothing and relaxing.
Sab & Steph’s voices are soft and sweet. They sing in sync with each other. Their sounds compliment each other well.

The lyrics have a beautiful simplicity to them. Sab and Steph sing a detail description of their place of origin, giving it a personal feel. The words of both songs are structured and have a rhythmic flow to them.

Both singles are available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Laurence St-Martin -Filles Des Îles

Canadian Singer Laurence St-Martin has this amazing single entitled Filles Des Îles (The Girls of the island). It tells the story of a girl who’s proud of her origins, even if she may live in the city.

The music has two types of beats: upbeat and slow. When Laurence St-Martin sings the verses, the sound is slower. When she performs the chorus, the beat is a bit faster. Christian Sbrocca composed this song with a smooth transition from the verses to the chorus, which a part of a quality composition. There’s a Summer feel to it, which has me thinking about the warm weather of that season.

Laurence St-Martin’s voice is cheerful and full of life. She sings with pride and joy about her village and the people whom she knew growing up. Her sound is unforgettable.

The lyrics have a sense of joy in them just like Laurence St-Martin’s voice. Her song has descriptive details to it. The words have a personal and genuine touch to them because she talks about her family and her village of origin. Richard Turcotte did an excellent job writing the lyrics of Filles Des Îles. He captured the sentiment of being proud of one’s identity.

The single Filles Des Îles is now available. Enjoy!

Julia Jacklin’s Second Studio Album Crushing

Australian singer Julia Jacklin has a new album out entitled Crushing. The overall theme is telling stories, getting to know oneself, as well as life and love.

The music is alternative mixed with Indie Pop. It is flowy and rhythmic with a structured composition. It even reminds of the music of the 1970s and early 80s. The sound of the guitar is soothing in this album. The slow and not too fast beat of the songs allows the listeners to focus on the lyrics.

Julia Jacklin’s voice is soft, mellow and sweet. She sounds laid-back and relaxed. Her style of singing reminds of the Mamas and Papas group – a 70s feel to her voice. She also has a sound that has me thinking of that of the late Cranberries lead singer- Dolores O’Riordan- specifically the song Pressure to Party.

The lyrics of the songs have the use of imagery, to allow the listeners to visualize her stories, like having access to Julia Jacklin’s world. The description of what she says is fantastic. The subject matter of life and love is relatable and timeless.